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Furnishing a home can be a stressful process. We all want our homes to look impressive, with beautiful interiors. At the same time, every room needs to be functional—allowing all of the occupants to enjoy the space as much as possible—and they also need to reflect our own unique passions and design ideas. That’s why finding the right design ideas and inspiration is so important.

At Instore, anyone embarking upon a major interior design project can find a huge variety of ideas from the world’s most prestigious, creative design experts. Whether you are crafting the ideal bathroom, arranging an elegant living room or trying to find the perfect balance between kitchen and dining areas, Instore will make the process of home furnishing as simple as can be.


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Hundreds of furniture designs for luxurious home, and home office are waiting to be explored.


If you are boring at the traditional design or ugly chessy design, that means you want something to innovate with new, fresh and inspiration ideas. The concept “Modern Design” bring you with the new stun of urban style by taking cues from its cosmopolitan environment, urban modern is a fusion of opposing and complementary traits. Glamorous chic, minimalist modern, glamorous chic, ethnic heirlooms, and edgy experimental designs all collide in a distinctively 21st-century setting.

Larger furniture (sofas, beds, etc.) tends to be uniformly sleek with low-profile. Feel free to bring home trailblazing modern furniture designs. Decorative accents (pillows, mirrors, end tables, etc.) in urban decor often demands artistic and creative expression – add some elegant geometric designs, or vintage items with traditional embellishment.

Our Modern Furniture section has a mix of furniture and decor that you can shop or draw inspiration from for the new look. Modern design team at Instore Furniture will be your assistant in selecting the best choice for your space with our best art modern design.


Buy items for your building.

Hundreds of furniture designs for luxurious home, and home office are waiting to be explored.


We offer a simple way to decorate your space utilizing our savvy skills and designer know-how without retaining Interiors for full-service of comercial  design. Each e-décor is completely individualized and created to fit your style, space, business and budget.

You e-mail us pictures and measurements of the room(s) or business area to be decorated, as well as a completed design questionnaire. Once we establish the budget and direction of the design, we create a thorough design plan which includes the following:

Room concept board: we realize that a central challenge in designing your own space is visualizing the final product. Our room concept boards will allow you to see all components in the room come together.

Space planning: includes a detailed furniture layout plan, drawn to scale, which references directly to the room concept board. No more worrying if that sofa will fit in the room!

Shopping list: thorough and organized, our shopping lists will guide you through your room concept board, with clickable links to recommended items.

The result is no fuss beauty on any budget!


Buy items for your building.

Hundreds of furniture designs for luxurios home, and home office are waiting to be explored.