Instore Furniture offers imported furniture from Europe and a professional design team for the ideal home


Instore Furniture was founded in the year 2012. Our mission aims to provide customers with a great experience for your ideal home. Always avoiding a boring looking space, Instore Furniture not only provides durable furniture along with time but also makes your home become soulful with its own class of luxury.

At Instore Furniture, we bring interior ideas from new to modern to create a distinctive feature that makes your home look lively.

Through many years of development, Instore Furniture has achieved many successful milestones, bringing customers a variety of design styles for your homes. With a passion for creating the living environment of your home, the interior design team at Instore Furniture will turn your design ideas into reality with our European furniture products.

From the smallest details, our staff are willing to advise you on how to make your home feel comfortable and actually feel like a home.